Aria Hotel in Nashik with a serene river view

Aria Hotel in Nashik with a serene river view

The Aria hotel situated in Nashik, the wine-growing region of India, faces a river, a dam along with hills, from its north side. Hotel’s entry is at the lowest level of the site which gently rises from its southern side. Moreover, this side rises up into the hills that are in close proximity to the site. The property includes a large banquet hall of 15000 sq ft in addition to 60 rooms and other facilities as required by the owner essentially.

Wide north view of the Aria hotel from the entry point
North view of Aria Hotel, Nashik
Lower Ground Floor Plan of Aria Hotel
Upper Ground Floor Plan of Aria Hotel
Floor Plans
First Floor Plan of Aria Hotel
Floor Plans of Aria Hotel

Since the banquet hall would have large gatherings, its access is planned directly from the road frontage at the lowest level of the site. The public facilities including the hotel lobby, restaurant, bar, spa and business center, occupy a higher level. These are 6 meters above the banquet hall and entry can be done directly from an ascending approach road.

Entry level from the front side of the Aria hotel
Stairs to the Banquet at Aria Hotel in Nashik
Stairs to the Banquet – Aria Hotel
Entrance Lobby - Open space and view of surroundings
Entrance Lobby of Aria Hotel
Restaurant Deck Area at Aria hotel
Restaurant Deck Area

The rooms are at a higher level, oriented to face the river in the north or the immediate hills in the south. These rooms comprise open circulation spaces, natural ventilation and skylit courtyards. Each level of the hotel is integrated with the natural contours of the site, minimizing land cutting and landfills. For instance, no soil was taken out of the site or brought into the site while constructing. Therefore, the construction became both economical and sustainable.

Luxurious Room of Aria hotel with a mesmerising river view
Aria hotel entry area
Rooms on the higher level

Over fifty percent of the walls are made with natural black basalt stone, available close to the site. All the circulation spaces are also naturally lit and ventilated, increasing the energy efficiency of the building. Moreover, there are solar panels on the rooftop, over the banquet kitchen and in the parking areas. These panels help to generate half of the electrical energy, required by the hotel.

Open spaces at Aria Hotel
Courtyard within Aria Hotel in Nashik
Courtyard – with natural light and ventilation
Courtyard with a water body inside the hotel
Skylit courtyard
Natural light and ventilation across the hotel building

Aria hotel’s design also comprises of rainwater harvesting tanks, for water recycling & reuse. This further adds to the sustainable methods used in hotel architecture. All the rooms, restaurants, spa & banquets open into sheltered balconies and decks. These areas provide outdoor usable spaces whilst minimizing the heat gain into the internal volumes.

View of lush green hills at Aria Hotel in Nashik
Sheltered Balcony
Swimming pool side view of Aria Hotel
Pool deck – Aria Hotel, Nashik
View of the Aria hotel along with a water body

On each floor, the rooms form rectilinear cuboids that are angled differently. This creates the balconies to frame the picturesque surroundings with 2 floor high suites at the topmost levels. Painted in terracotta color stucco, these frames are juxtaposed with the black basalt stone walls of the lower floors.

Modular design of Aria Hotel
Unique cuboid design of Aria Hotel in Nashik
Unique Modular cuboid design of Aria Hotel

In short, Aria Hotel is designed contextually, in symmetry with the site. It balances with the contours, the views of the surroundings, the climate and the materials, creating a web of experiences within its different volumes.

Front view of Aria Hotel in Nashik

About the Architecture firm – Sanjay Puri Architects

Sanjay Puri Architects is an architectural firm based in Mumbai, India that was started by Sanjay Puri, the principal architect of the firm. With a young team of over 72 architects, the firm has a diverse portfolio of projects including townships, residential developments, software parks, hotels, retail malls, schools, and smaller individual projects. Architect Sanjay Puri is an alumnus of Mayo College, Ajmer and St. Xaviers College, Mumbai, graduated from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai in 1988.


Location: Nashik, Maharastra, India

Dimension: 3.2 Acre (Plot Area); 13935 sq.m. (Total built-up)

Start Year: June 2016

Completion Date: February 2020

Architecture Firm: Sanjay Puri Architects

Lead Architect: Sanjay Puri

Design Team: Toral Doshi, Manjeet Khatri, Sudhir Ambasana, Dipti Patil

Photo Credit: Dinesh Mehta

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