Essential Architecture Tools and Supplies for aspiring Architects

Essential Architecture Tools and Supplies for aspiring Architects

When you join an architecture course at a college or institute, you aspire to become a professional architect at the end of the course. While learning every architecture student needs a certain number of professional architecture tools, supplies and instruments for architectural drawings, drafts, building models. We have listed down various architecture tools and design tools that would help you take the initial steps to attain your architecture dream.

We have categorized these architecture tools and supplies into 5 groups.

1. Paper Supplies
2. Drawing Supplies
3. Measurement Scales
4. Modeling Supplies
5. Utility Items


a. Notebook

Write down your thoughts, ideas, measurements and draw the designs. These square grid notebooks are good for making line drawings and dimensions.

Architecture Notebook with square gridOpen Notebook with cube drawn on square grid lines

b. Tracing Paper

These sheets are helpful when tracing designs and marking on areas.

Tracing paper sheets

c. Sketch Book

Draw designs and perspectives on these spiral sketchbooks that are easy to carry and you can easily pullout drawings if required.

A4 size Sketch book with spiral binding



a. Drawing set

A well-organized drawing set is most essential as it saves time and helps to create great sketches.

A drawing set with different pencils, erasers and charcoal

b. Mechanical Pencil

This pencil is great when you need clean lines and who likes sharpening pencils all the time.

Mechanical pencil for architects

c. Electric Eraser

This eraser comes handy when you need to erase quickly and properly without damaging the paper sheet.

Electric eraser with eraser refills

c. Liner Pens

Best pens to use for writing and drawing on every kind of paper. The ink flow is quite nice and smooth.

Packet of Fine liner pens to write and draw

d. Water Brush Pens

These brushes with water inside are just amazing as they somehow work better than the traditional paintbrushes. Just add some color directly and distinguish spaces within your sketches.

Set of water brush pens

e. Compass set

Quite essential as it used for inscribing circles or arcs in architectural drawings.

Compass set for designers and architects

f. Alcohol Markers

Great substitutes for watercolors or paints that add convenience. These are quite useful to distinguish areas, markings and materials.

Set of alcohol markers that work like paint

g. LED Tracing board

This board with an LED backlight makes the tracing work easier as you can use any A4 paper to trace architecture drawings and dimensions.

h. Board clips

These clips are used to clamps the paper on the drawing board.


a. Architect’s Scale

The most used scale that facilitates the drafting and measuring of architectural drawings.

Architecture scale, one of the architecture tools

b. Adjustable Triangle

Great tool for drafting angles on architecture sketches.

Adjustable triangle to make angles

c. Metal Ruler – Anti-slip

This bevelled edged ruler is not only good for measurement but also very helpful in model making and safe cutting. It’s light in comparison to steel rulers as it’s made of high-grade aluminum and the rubber strip at the back makes it anti-slip.

Anti slip metal ruler for cutting sheets for making architecture models

d. Measuring Tape

This portable measuring tape is required for measuring higher distances and ranges.

Measuring tape, one of the architecture tools

e. T-Square

The most used tool in architecture in order to get a horizontal reference on the drafting table.

T-square scale

f. Mini Drafter

A multi-purpose tool for drawing all sorts of lines and angles from inclined lines or parallel lines to perpendicular lines. This scale set has two scales and it is fixed on one side of the drawing table.

Mini drafter scale set, one of the architecture tools

g.  Circle Shape Drafting Template

Draw circles with ease with this stencil to save time and effort.

Circle Shape Tstencil to draw circles with ease


h. Human Figure Drawing Template

This stencil with pre-defined human figures in different positions is very helpful. It saves a lot of time as drawing human figures every time can be tedious.Human figure drawing stencil

i. Furniture Designing Template Stencil

Another stencil that saves time by helping you put furniture forms easily on your drafts.

Furniture stencil to draw furniture in architecture drawing


a. Modeling Clay

Helps in visualizing and forming 3D models out of simple drawings. The use of clay is still the best way to make models.

Modeling Clay

b. Sunboard

One of the most used materials for making architecture models. It comes in different thicknesses and can be easily cut to get the desired shapes and designs.

Sunboard to create architecture models

c. Cutting Knife Set

A cutting knife is an essential tool for cutting different materials and desired shapes with perfection.

Cutting knife with blades

d. Cutting Mat

Best mat for cutting various materials. They are said to be self-healing and are quite durable.

Cutting mat for cutting sheets and models

e. Super Glue Spray

Attach paper sheets on boards or models with this super glue.

Industrial grade super glue spray for architecture models

f. Gel Super Glue Pen

A glue pen with fast-drying glue to attach models with precision.

Super glue pen with gel glue

g. Electric Foam Cutter

Cut easily through the foam sheets in order to create desired models and designs.

Foam Cutting tool cutting the foam

h. Human figures

Ready-made human figures to give that realistic touch to your architecture models

Miniature human figures used in architecture models



a. Drawing Board

A basic yet essential item to put your architecture drawings in place.

Drawing board to place your architecture drawings

b. Drafting Table

The adjustable table that can move in multiple ways to suit your sketching and drawing requirements.

Drafting table with movable board, one of the architecture tools

c. Drafting Chair

A comfortable chair to your put ideas into work is a perfect companion.

Modern comfortable chair

d. Drawing Sheet Tube

You would require this for sure to store and carry your large drawing sheets and architecture plans.

Drawing Tube to keep your drawing safe

d. Lamp

Light plays an important part in architecture and even great architecture drawing needs the best proper illumination. A good architect lamp that can move in 360 degrees is what your table needs.

A architect's lamp that can be adjusted to reach all directions

e. Calculator

Calculations are everything in architecture and to be precise you would need this specific calculator. This calculator is for professionals that calculate every inch and dimension.

A calculator for professionals that calculates every inch and dimension

f. Laser Range Meter

A super helpful professional device that measures long distances in seconds like the ceiling heights or width of a huge hall or floor.

A laser distance meter that measures long distances with laser beam

f. Laptop

The most important machine for any and every profession today. A powerful laptop with good configuration and that can run all architectural software like AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, Photoshop, etc is vital.

Laptop with powerful configuration to run designing softwares

g. Tablet

From noting down thoughts and ideas, making presentations and doing quick research to designing objects and drawing with a digital pen – a tablet can do everything. A very practical and convenient device that can work wonders by taking your work to the next level in less time.

Ipad tablet for architecture drawings


This list would surely help aspiring students and young architects in arranging their architecture tools and supplies for starting their journey in the architecture field. We would be happy to know if this list was useful to you and your architect friends.

Also, please feel free to comment and let us know if we missed anything in this list.










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