DIY Tiny Homes by Mod Shed – Revolutionary easy-to-assemble shed kits

DIY Tiny Homes by Mod Shed – Revolutionary easy-to-assemble shed kits

Have you ever thought of owning a tiny home or a motor home for yourself? If you have, this write-up may interest you. You must have seen many videos of tiny homes and travelers going on a travel trip in motor homes in the US or Canada. If you haven’t seen Tiny houses, we would suggest you check this YouTube channel – Living Big In A Tiny House, started by Bryce Langston. You will be amazed to see little homes built by various people.

Many of us desire to have one tiny home in the greens, across the lake with a hill view. If someone tells you that you can build your own tiny home on your own, would that sound amusing to you? To us, it surely sounds really interesting. There is this company, Mod Shed who has taken some steps to make this possible for people who wish to create their own tiny spaces or she-sheds.

She shed or tiny home made in one day

Mod Shed, a company that used to design modular booths and fabrication work at trade shows wanted to create something really unique. They have recently launched its first series of innovative modular sheds that can be used as tiny homes, off-grid living spaces, she-sheds, backyard offices, cabins and much more. This new product is designed to create tiny spaces that are easy-to-assemble and can be built with a day.

With this modular shed system, one can easily assemble it with the given DIY kit. This can be done without any professional help as the kit provides you everything required to join the modular parts. One has to just select the designs on the Mod Shed’s website and order the DIY kit, that will be delivered to your address. You can select add-ons from interior wall panels or Mini Split A/C & Heating kits to different finishes. They also offer custom designs for both interiors, as well as exteriors.

They currently have three designs – Original Series, Pea Pod series and Studio Shell series. Upgrades including solar panel integration and HVAC readiness can be added to any Mod Shed kit. It offers customers an affordable, easy-to-build, modern shed solution that can be assembled in an afternoon.


DIY Tiny Home modular shed Mod shed kit parts
Mod Shed DIY Kits


These modern sheds are completely customizable with functionality serving nearly any modern purpose. This sturdy DIY shed design is made to withstand different weather conditions and can be used as a permanent or temporary structure. Assemblers can make design changes on the fly while assembling thanks to the proprietary modular design.

The modular design was inspired by trade show booths that demand a show-stopping, easy and quick-to-assemble design. The system is so simple to install that anyone can handle the task. Mod Shed can arrange for installation upon request also. Mod Shed is a family-owned business that now focuses on creating innovative modular spaces for people to work within and enjoy. From design to delivery, it takes only a week for these modular homes to reach your doorstep (currently available in the US).

With these types of DIY modular systems, we assume that in the future we would be able to see bigger spaces made on such modular models. As these spaces can be made within a short span of time, it may also help people who look for very affordable homes.

Photo & Video Credit: Mod Shed

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