Luxurious switches by Meljac makes a bold geometrical statement

Luxurious switches by Meljac makes a bold geometrical statement

Meljac, the luxurious switches brand from France, has added some new designs of switches recently. This series of new button shapes are added to their Damier collection. The new switches are made of brass metal that comes in different shapes and colors.

Meljac luxurious switches in brass metal with square buttons

The previously square brass switches of the Damier collection has now included the new round, triangular, rectangular and oblong models. These new designs are stylish and elegant that makes the collection more versatile. 

Meljac luxurious switches in dark metallic design with round buttons

In its 230V version, the range now has latching pushbuttons for lighting controls. All the switches in the collection can be produced with a choice of flush or raised buttons. Back-lighting can also be added.

Meljac luxurious switches in dark metallic design with curved rectangular buttons

These Meljac switches are customizable with the option of engraving or screen-printed words, symbols, pictograms, etc. Moreover, these luxurious switches also available in several plate formats.

Switch in metallic design with round button  Switch in metallic design with triangular buttons

About the Brand – Meljac

Founded in 1995 by Andre Bousquet, Meljac is a leading name in luxury electrical fittings made from quality materials. With some ten different ranges, Meljac offers a wide range of solutions for architects, decorators, electricians, and homeowners, including switches, sockets, table lamps, reading lamps, casings for thermostats, and home automation systems, etc. The brand is also well known for its expertise in delivering bespoke solutions.

Its innovative approach and working methods are key to its development and guarantee outstanding quality. The company set up its first subsidiary in the US in 2018 and has around 60 authorized dealers worldwide. The brand now is sold in 60 countries and has 37 authorized dealers in France and 23 abroad.

Meljac clients include the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre Museum, Cartier and Chanel stores, Paris-based hotels the Four Seasons George V, Le Meurice and La Réserve, the Royal Mansour and Mandarin Oriental in Marrakesh, the InterContinental Geneva and Hotel Danieli in Venice.

Photo credit: Meljac

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